Our Venue analytics will show you how we are saving you money over walk up POS transactions in Real-Time (*).

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We will show you how to optimize your beer sales and get the higher beer transactions per event.

Our rfid enabled Quick Cup works seamlessly with the app and can speed up beer sales transactions by 25% !

Achieve higher revenues and customer engagement.


Push notifications to instantly engage your customers with sales, promotions and upsell opportunities.

Made custom for your venue.

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I can definitely say that I’d recommend the Quick Cup and Quick Serve Solutions to anyone. The team worked with us to implement Quick Cup fast lanes in record time and our beer sales are up with virtually no wait. We need their solution for the rest of our business.

Steven Mclaren Venue Manager

Quick Cup is an excellent product just tap your cup on the puck and your beer read by the time you walk up. They have excellent service, I can hit the bathroom and grab my beer and I don’t miss any of the game!

Michael Brown I am a fan!

I have been extremely impressed with Quick Serve Solutions and the Quick Cup. In a highly specialized  industry, they seized quickly on the opportunities and issues in our business and reduced our lines and increased our revenues, I was amazed at the value they showed.

Alexandra McDoe Facility Director

Quick Cup Saves Time By Reducing The Line

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